Professional Lawn and Landscape Care

The assistant golf course superintendent reports directly to the golf course superintendent. Under the superintendent's supervision, the assistant superintendent directs and participates in the maintenance of the golf course tees, greens, fairways, roughs and all areas/facilities of the property; supervises and participates in the maintenance and repair of motorized and other mechanical equipment; and does related work as required. The assistant superintendent serves in the superintendent's capacity during his/her absence.

Typical functions:

• Assists in planning, construction and supervising the maintenance of greens, tees, fairways, roughs including all areas and related facilities on the property; schedules work and supervises the employees and the use of the equipment.
• Instructs equipment operators on the operation and care of mowing and other equipment; supervises pesticide applications and/or operates and calibrates pesticide application equipment; supervises and participates in the operation and maintenance of irrigation pumps, and in the maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems.
• Assists in personnel management and evaluation, employee safety, personnel discipline and may also modify the daily work schedule based on professional interpretation.

Employment standards:

• Working knowledge of the maintenance of golf course tees, fairways, greens; the seeding and maintenance practices for golf course turf; the planting, cultivating, pruning, and caring for plants, shrubs and trees; the characteristics and proper use of various fertilizers and soil conditioners; herbicides and pest control methods and materials; drainage control methods; and irrigation system, including wells, pumps and automatic controls.
• Ability to schedule and supervise maintenance work to achieve the most efficient utilization of workers and equipment; to prepare clear and concise reports; and to maintain effective employee and public relations.
• Possession of a valid Michigan driver's license.
• Requires current state certification or licensing as a pesticide applicator.

Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources