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Aerification and Rolling


Aerification is the mechanical process of creating air space in the soil that promotes a healthy root system for natural turf. Healthy rooting systems are an integral part of a successful home lawn management programs. Aerification should be a part of every turfgrass maintenance program because it is absolutely necessary for maintaining healthy and durable grass. Failure to perform this simple maintenance can result in poorly drained soil, thin turfgrass stands, and continued problems with disease. Aerification can benefit your turf by achieving the following objectives:

  • When the ground is not frozen, Aerification, can be beneficial at any time of the year.
  • April is a great month to use a quality solid tine on your lawn. The solid tine will help remove moisture from the surface and assist in the drying out process from a long wet winter
  • Hollow core tining is common in the months of April, May, and June. Turf roots are very active during these months and will benefit from added oxygen and water that deep tining provides
  • The most popular time for Aerfication, however, are in the fall months. Turfgrass plant roots in your lawn are preparing for the winter.

Our aerification machine will roll your lawn immediately after the holes are made in your lawn helping to level the lawns imperfections from heaving and thawing during Spring melt off.

Enjoy “the other side of the fence” and schedule an aerification with Dan’s Green Side Up!

Aerator Seeder Roller

Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources